If you want to build a thriving real estate business, one of the smartest moves you can make is to create a cohesive social media marketing plan. Adding random posts to Facebook will do nothing to build your brand as a real estate professional. You must plan your social networking activities in advance if you hope to reap the rewards social media marketing can bring. If you’re a real estate professionals wanting to crush your social networking goals, following are six surprisingly effective tips you ought to be using.
1) Develop a detailed video analysis strategy before creating videos for social media platforms like YouTube. Understand why you’re creating each video, who your target audience is, what action you want them to take after viewing your video, and which information you’ll include in your video. The more effort you put into detailing your video marketing plan, the likelier it is you will see increased return on your investment of time.
2) Real estate professionals using Facebook to increase their client list should develop an in-depth plan to boost Facebook engagement. Integrate everything from livestreamed Facebook webinars and Facebook contests to virtual open houses and click-to-call advertisements into your social media marketing strategy.
3) Business blogging is an integral component of a real estate social media strategy. Real estate professionals who blog on a consistent basis tend to earn a reputation as real estate thought leaders in their local community and have improved SEO (search engine optimization) rankings too.
4) Upgraded visual marketing images are essential for increased social networking ROI (return on investment). If you’re sharing the same old listing photos as every other agent, don’t expect your social media posts to stand out. Use a tool like Canva’s real estate templates (canva.com/templates/postcards/real-estate) to create everything from online postcards to infographics and ‘just sold’ banners. Not only will your visual graphics look better than your competitors, there’s a good chance you’ll see increased real estate referrals when you share your fancy new visual marketing graphics on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.
5) Speaking of Pinterest and Instagram, if you’re not using image-based social networking to grow your real estate business, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Too many real estate professionals rely solely on Facebook or Twitter to attract new clients instead of making a foray into visual marketing outreach. Image search is increasing in popularity, making it a treasure trove of possibilities for real estate agents savvy enough to double down on visual marketing.
6) Don’t overlook social networking opportunities on platforms like LinkedIn and Medium. Posting custom blog posts on LinkedIn and Medium can improve your SEO rankings and turbocharge your social influencer status at the same time. Be sure not to regurgitate the same old information other real estate agents are posting, but instead write content that showcases your local knowledge and industry expertise. If you don’t have time to write new blog posts on a consistent basis, hire an on-demand ghostwriter who can craft quality content marketing posts to increase your referral rate.
Make these super savvy social media marketing tips part of your growth strategy and you’ll be impressed at how quickly you can build your real estate business. Social networking takes time and consistency, but the rewards are most definitely worth the investment of time.