Have you ever noticed how some real estate agents seem to naturally attract clients and become the top sellers within their agency? Or how some agents climb the corporate ladder within their agency, while others scramble to earn enough real estate commissions each month to pay their mortgage? There are distinct differences between top-performing real estate professionals and agents who fail to develop flourishing careers. Consider the following five crucial differences and you’ll increase your chances of building a real estate business you can be proud of.
Excited by Change and Industry Innovation
Top-performing real estate professionals don’t shy away from change within their industry. They embrace technological innovations. They appreciate market shifts and do their best to understand factors influencing those market adjustments. If you want to become a top-selling real estate agent, take a long, hard look at how you feel about change. Learn to become an early adopter and someone who embraces change to ensure your real estate career continues to grow.
Actively Track Goals
The best real estate agents set career goals for themselves and actively track their progress. They don’t just make resolutions once a year; they mark their progress throughout the year. Be willing to set professional goals to grow your real estate business and your chances of becoming a top-performing real estate professional increase.
Showcase Expertise via Blogging/Content Marketing
Top-selling real estate agents aren’t afraid to showcase their expertise via business blogging and content marketing. They know they have solid industry knowledge and are willing to share their knowledge on their website’s blog, on their LinkedIn page, and via guest posts on industry-specific websites. Become an agent who embraces real estate blogging and you’ll be impressed at how quickly your client list will grow.
Networking Ninja
Networking is a crucial component of becoming a top-performing real estate professional. Learn how to network without becoming an annoying agent constantly trolling for clients. Real estate agents with excellent networking skills know how to help others without asking for anything in return. Develop a strategic plan-of-action to improve your networking skills and a cornucopia of incredible opportunities will naturally come your way.
Lead by Example
Mediocre real estate agents don’t tend to be great leaders. They’re more willing to follow the lead of others, instead of forging their own path. If you want to emulate the best real estate agents, work on leading by example through your actions. Help new real estate agents learn the ropes. Become a valued member of your community through charitable works. Speak at real estate conferences. The more effort you put into leading by example, the greater your accomplishments as a real estate professional will be.
Understanding how top-performing real estate professionals differ from mediocre real estate agents is critical if you want to grow your business. Your real estate career will flourish if you emulate the actions and habits of top performers within your industry.